Asterisk Expert

We are providing 24/7 Asterisk Support for Installation, Configuration, Integration and Customization. 

Operations & VOIP Consultation

Hire Asterisk Expert, We are providing 24/7 Asterisk Support, Get intalled, Configured, Customized. We are your Asterisk Expert and Cunsultant 24/7. Asterisk Support, Queue metrics, Vicidial, Call Centres,.  We can provide Installation, Support, Maintenance, One Off Incidents or service contracts for small medium and corporate business. So they can focus on their business and we will keep their communication alive, internal or external. 

Asterisk Commercial Support

We are providing commercial support for any kind of Asterisk Installation. We can have weekly, monthly, or annual contracts for 24/7 support. 

Asterisk Personal/incident support

Our 24/7 Asterisk expert support team can help with any level of personal incident based support. So you can keep your communication up and running.

Migration Solutions

If you are planning to migrate from other PBX or other VOIP solution to Asterisk, We can help you to setup your Asterisk communication. We can clone your existing Business to Asterisk Solution.   

Asterisk Case by Case Support 24/7

Our Asterisk Expert Team can help you on case by case basis, when ever you feel need and your communication is no more working. 

Our Asterisk Support Process


After getting the confirmation of your support model, either case by case, monthly support or we are having annual contract. We ask you to provide access to your Asterisk Servers via, SSH, remote desktop, VNC or any other means of remote access. Once we are having access to your system, same time our Asterisk Expert team will start debug process to find our the issue.


During the debug process, our Asterisk Expert will find out the issue and will identify the cause of this issue along with time to resolve and fee as per agreed contract type. This identification process time depends on the Asterisk problem, if minor it will take 5 minutes and Major can take longer than 2 hours. 


After the completion of Identification Process, our Asterisk Professional team will pass on the task to control process team. Asterisk Experts will contact the customer for further process and confirmation of go ahead to fix. Getting go ahead Control team will complete the task by fixing Asterisk issue. Either its problem with extensions, queues, dial plans or voice mail, etc.  


Finally the Quality team will review the fix done by control team and will pass on the case to Account for financial matters. Review process is the final process in order to make sure that your Asterisk communication is established and back to normal.  

Rest Assured, You or Your Company is Covered

Asterisk Expert 24/7 Support provide you peace of mind and make sure of your communication is up.  As communication is the key of any business, once having a support contract with Asterisk Expert you will be rest assured that you or your company is covered by Professional support 24/7.

Get Started Today

Having problems with your Asterisk PBX, Vicidialer, FreePBX or any other communication system. Get started to have your own 24/7 support team. We can provide Dedicated and shared Asterisk Experts as per the needs of your business. 

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